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Natural Gas Powerburn

Powerburn is natural gas burned for the purpose of electricity generation. During the summer months, it is the leading single component of daily natural gas demand. One of its main uses from an analytical standpoint is a metric for the competitiveness of natural gas versus other fuels. This makes powerburn less temperature-dependent than other elements of natural gas demand and it serves as a useful proxy for the looseness/tightness of the gas market.

Departure Of Intraday Powerburn From 30-Day Average By ISO Region

Natural Gas As A % Of US Electricity Generation

U.S. Utility Electricity Generation By Fuel Type

Intraday Natural Gas Storage Data

Intraday natural gas storage is based on both forecast and observed temperatures as well as early-cycle pipeline data. Today's projected injection or withdrawal is updated between Midnight and 1 AM and intraday storage changes are updated hourly.

Intraday Temperature data

Current US Temperatures

Source: Weather.com

Current US Extremes

Intraday hottest and coolest temperatures for US cities with a population over 150,000.

Crude Oil Inventories & Projections

Crude Oil Supply & Demand Data

4-Week Natural Gas Storage Projection Summary

Wk 1 Storage | Wk 2 Storage | Wk 3 Storage | Wk 4 Storage |

4-Week Projections Vs 5-Year Average

4-Week Projected Departure From 5-Year Average

4-Week Projected Inventory Levels

14-Day Temperature Forecast

Forecast Mean Population-Weighted Nationwide Temperature For Days 1-7

Forecast Nationwide Temperature Departure From Average

Data Source: Tropical Tidbits By Levi Cowan

NWS 10-14 Day Outlook