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Solar output for California's CAISO region is presented in the data below. Representing nearly half of all installed solar capacity, the CAISO solar network generates enough electricity to power 3.3 million homes. The state is currently pursuing a Renewable Portfolio Standard that mandates 33% of the states electricity come from renewable sources resulting in a rapid increase in solar capacity.

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Current CAISO Solar Generation

Historical CAISO Solar Output

CAISO Solar Generation & Natural Gas Demand

Like wind output, fluctuations in CAISO solar generation can exceed 50% from day-to-day depending on the weather across California. However, while daily natural gas displacement due to wind can exceed 8 BCF per day and the average daily variation is around 1.4 BCF/day, CAISO solar displacement rarely exceeds 1 BCF with an average daily variation of only around 0.08 BCF/day. This being said, CAISO solar output growth is outpacing wind and expect it to have an increasing impact on natural gas demand over the next year.

Current California Sky Conditions & Forecast

Visible Satellite Imagery

West Coast

Northern California

Southern California

7-Day Forecast California Cloudcover

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