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The CelsiusEnergy.Net website and its associated models and projections have grown exponentially since I first launched in the spring of 2016. I hope to continue improving and expanding the content that it offers.

Celsius Energy has always been free, and that is because I love analyzing oil and natural gas trading, and helping to keep my readers up to date on the fundamental basis of trading, rather than simply relying on gut instinct or technical analysis. It is my goal to keep the core features of the site freely available.

As the site grows, however, site costs and the time commitment to keep the site maintained grow rapidly. It is for this reason that I am offering additional premium features available for a small monthly fee to help support the site. If you have benefitted from the data and commentary offered on Celsius energy over the past year, I encourage you to consider supporting the site and earning access to the follow perks:

1. $10/Month:
-Thank you for helping to support Celsius Energy and keeping data and projections freely available!

2. $25/Month:
- Access to a private, password-protected page detailing my portfolio's current oil & natural gas holdings--with portfolio value and trades updated in real time throughout the day. This portfolio was up 10% during the month of May. I typically make 3-5 trades per week, guided by a fundamental analysis of oil and gas markets.
- Oil & natural gas trading discussion and strategy guide updated twice per week on Monday and Wednesday
-See a sample (static) page HERE

3. $50/Month:
-Individualize a personalized, custom homepage with up to 24 different data elements (tables, charts, graphs, etc) from any page on the Celsius Energy website--all in one place!
-See a sample (static) custom page HERE
-Also includes access to portfolio page and trading discussion ($25 reward)

I will be offering these rewards through Patreon. Sign-up takes 2 minutes and payment can be made via Paypal or credit card. Click HERE To Sign-Up And Support The Site. If you sign-up for the $25 or $50 perk, expect an email within 12-24 hours with the password for the portfolio page and a preferences request form for the personalized homepage. You can stop your support at any time. Thank you for your continue support and I look forward to the future of Celsius Energy!

If you have any questions about Patreon or any of the perks listed above, please contact me at CelsiusEnergyFM@gmail.com.