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Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) provides daily updates on European natural gas inventories for 18 nations. European storage numbers are important for the US market as these nations are consumers of exported Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and will influence export demand. European natural gas inventories are updated daily between 5 PM and & 7 PM EDT for the prior day. Source: GIE

Current European Natural Gas Storage Data

    European Map By % Surplus Versus The 5-Year Average
European Pipeline Volumes From Nord Stream I
The Nord Stream I pipeline delivers Russian natural gas from Ust-Luga in Russia through the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea to Greifswald, Germany. With a capacity of 6 BCF/day, it is a major contributor to European natural gas supply. However, it has become a flashpoint in the Russian-Ukraine War and resultant European sanctions on Russia sparking fears of a retalitory shut-down. Data here is updated each morning for the current day. In the figures, higher volumes mean higher supply to Europe. I also have a full page dedicated to Nord Stream I which you can view

Projected European Storage Data

European Storage Projection History