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Natural Gas Holds Its Ground After Monday's Short Squeeze While Oil Traders Watch & Wait; EIA Forecast To Announce The Second Largest Crude Oil Inventory Draw On Record For June 15-21 In Today's Status Report; Natural Gas Demand To Inch Higher For Third Straight Day As East & Central US Warm

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Natural gas recovered from early-session losses to hold up remarkably well following Monday's 5.4% spike. After dipping 2% out of the gates back to $2.24/MMBTU, the commodity ended the day up less than 1 cent or 0.2% to $2.31/MMBTU. Computer models again trended slightly warmer in the near term, likely providing some support for the sector. However, after two consecutive disappointing EIA Storage Reports, investors will closely be eyeing Thursday's numbers to see if cheaper prices and, what appears to be a tightening market, are having a visible impact on storage levels. This, as well as the evolution of the temperature outlook for early July, will dictate near-term price movements. Regardless, I am not expecting a V-shaped recovery here. There will likely be a period of increased volatility as natural gas puts in a stable bottom. I am maintaining my $2.60/MMBTU price target by the end of the summer. Meanwhile, ahead of today's EIA Petroleum...

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Last 3 Daily Commentaries:

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Squeezed: Natural Gas Crushes The Shorts In Long Overdue Rally As Near-Term Temperature Warms; Oil & Natural Gas Portfolio Sees Best Day Of The Quarter; Day Traders Rejoice As Natural Gas Volatility Spikes While ETF Holders Should Use Caution; Gas Demand To Rise For A Third Straight Day Today As Heartland Warms

Monday, June 24, 2019
Natural Gas Crashes & Burns On Brutal 1-2 Punch As Short Trade Overcrowdedness Reaches 3-Year High, Setting Up A Long-Term Squeeze Opportunity; Crude Oil Surges On Geopolitical Tension & Inventory Draw, But Is Still Undervalued; Gas Demand To Remain Soft Today On Heartland Chill, But Will Recover Some Throughout The Week

Thursday, June 20, 2019
Oil Unable To Hold Onto Gains Despite All-Around Bullish EIA-Reported Storage Withdrawal While Natural Gas Slumps To New 3-Year Low On July Temperature Concerns; EIA Forecast To Announce 14th Straight Bearish Natural Gas Storage Injection Today

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