Wind Generation & Displaced Natural Gas Demand

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Why does wind generation matter?

Wind is a renewable resource that is used to generate electricity that competes with natural gas and coal for share in the powerstack, especially across the Central US, as shown in the Figure to the right. Like natural gas, it is highly dependent on the weather. On days of high output, wind generation can displace 8-10 BCF/day of natural gas demand (and another 4-5 BCF of coal demand) while on days of low wind generation this may drop to as little as 2 BCF/day. As wind generation capacity has increased dramatically over the past decade, it is beginning to complete with temperature as a significant driver of powerburn demand and therefore has a significant impact on weekly storage injections and withdrawals.

This page displays Realtime intraday wind generation data pulled directly from the powergrid, daily generation, and the impact of both on natural gas demand. Realtime wind output is updated every 10-15 minutes throughout the day while finalized daily numbers update by 10:30 AM EDT the following morning.

For intraday data on powerburn demand, click HERE.

Daily Wind Generation & Natural Gas Displacement
Daily wind generation numbers are updated for the previous day between 10 AM and 11 AM EDT.