Natural Gas Exports To Mexico (Sample)

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Natural gas exports to Mexico are an important temperature-independent source of natural gas supply that impacts the supply/demand imbalance & long-term inventories. Modeled daily domestic natural gas exports to Mexico are based on pipeline flows. Early-cycle data for the upcoming day is updated at approximately 12 AM EDT each morning. This is then revised the following evening based on late-cycle data.

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Daily Net Natural Gas Exports To Mexico

Year-Over-Year Change In Exports

Natural Gas Pipeline Border Crossings Into Mexico

Mexico represents a vast, untapped source of natural gas demand. Exports via the NET Mexico pipeline at the Rio Grande, TX crossing and via the Valley Crossing Pipleline under the Gulf of Mexico offshore of Brownsville, TX currently make up the majority of US export capacity though there are upwards of 15 total border crossing sites.

Current crossing sites, from east to west, include: 1) Brownsville, TX
2) Alamo, TX
3) McAllen, TX
4) Hilalgo, TXT
5) Roma, TX
6) Rio Bravo, TX
7) Laredo, TX
8) Presidio, TX
9) Clint, TX
10) San Elizario, TX
11) El Paso, TX
12) Douglas, AZ
13) Sasabe, AZ
14) Ogilby, CA
15) Calexico, CA

Capacity at this time is constrained largely by infrastructure, pipeline capacity, and demand on the Mexican side of the border which, if resolved, could result in a surge in US volumes in a short period of time.

Natural Gas Exports By Border Crossing