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Life's Just Not Fair For The Bears: Natural Gas Rises As Early November Outlook Trends Colder; Crude Oil Slumps After Unexpected Storage Build; EIA Projected To Announce +83 BCF Storage Injection Today, The Last Bearish Build For The Next 3 Weeks; Gas Demand To Rise Today As Canadian Airmass Finally Reaches The Northeast

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Natural gas appeared to be on its way to another typical trading session Wednesday morning: Opening up nearly 2% and losing all of its gains in the first three hours of the day. However, the commodity pulled out of its nosedive and rose sharply into the close, finishing near the day's highs. The front-month November 2018 contract finished Wednesday up 7 cents or 2.5% to settle at $3.32/MMBTU, the highest close since January 29. Natural gas is now up an impressive +13.8% year-over-year. Wednesday's mid-morning rally was driven by a sharp cooling trend during the late October and early November period, prolonging the current period of favorable weather conditions. While it is often a tendency to ignore temperature forecasts beyond 7 days, this 8-14 day outlook has an unusually strong signal amongst multiple computer models that forces one to take it more seriously than usual. For this reason, I would not be surprised to see natural gas continue to rally as it appears increasingly likely ...

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