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Natural Gas Squeezes The Shorts After The EIA Reports Second Straight Smaller-Than-Expected Injection--But Multi-Period Cooldown May Kneecap This Bullish Catalyst; Crude Oil Pulls Back Further On Demand Growth Concerns, But Commodity Remain Solidly Undervalued; Natural Gas Production Rises To A Record High While Temperature-Adjusted Powreburn Remains Strong

Friday, August 16, 2019
In its weekly Natural Gas Storage Report for August 3-9, the EIA announced that natural gas inventories rose by +49 BCF. This was right at the 5-year average and was a huge 13 BCF smaller than my projected build, the largest miss to the downside this summer and the second straight. With the injection, natural gas inventories rose to 2738 BCF while the storage surplus versus the 5-year average held flat at -111 BCF (-4%). Inventories are +357 BCF or +15% higher than the same week in 2018. The neutrality of the report was remarkably well distributed across all of the storage regions with each region coming in within 1 BCF of its 5-year average. The largest injection was in the Midwest Region which saw inventories rise +28 BCF, 1 BCF larger than the 5-year average. On the other hand, the South Central saw a -2 BCF inventory withdrawal, right at the 5-year average. While neutral, the draw is particularly impressive since the LNG plants the dot the region saw some of the lowest demand...

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