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Natural Gas Reverses Gains As EIA Reports Smaller-Than-Expected Storage Withdrawal and Computer Models Continue To Trend Milder; Crude Oil Bounces On Saudi Export Cut Pledge; Natural Gas Supply Continues To Rise As Production Falls But Canadian Imports Bounce; Gas Demand To Fall For A Fifth Straight Day Today With Single-Digit Draw Expected

Friday, December 14, 2018
In its weekly Natural Gas Storage Report for December 1-7, the EIA announced Thursday morning that inventories dropped by -77 BCF. This was 5 BCF smaller than my -82 BCF projection and was a neutral 2 BCF smaller than the 5-year average. With the draw, inventories fell to 2914 BCF while the storage deficit versus the 5-year average dropped for the first time in a month, falling to -723 BCF or -20% in what will likely be the first of a string of weeks that could see this deficit fall under -600 BCF. The two largest regions for driving heating demand--the Midwest and East--reported near-average draws at -29 BCF and -20 BCF, respectively. A bearish -7 BCF withdrawal in the South Central region (5-year average: -15 BCF) was partially countered by a bullish -15 BCF draw in the Pacific region (5-year average: -10 BCF). All 5 regions continue to maintain storage deficits that are in excess of 10%, led by the South Central region at -326 BCF or -27%. Expect this to change over the next 2-3 weeks...

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