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Natural Gas Feedgas Deliveries To Sabine Pass, Cove Point, & Corpus Christi Liquefaction Facilities

Cheniere Energy's Sabine Pass Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) liquefaction facility is located on the Gulf Coast on the Texas/Louisiana border and became the US' first LNG export facility in March 2016. The plant will ultimately be capable of processing over 4 BCF/day by the time Trains 5 and 6 are completed in 2019. The plant receives feedgas deliveries via Cheniere's wholly owned Creole Trail Pipeline, an 85-mile pipeline that itself receives gas from the Transco, Natural Gas Pipeline of America (NGPL), Texas Eastern (TETCO), and Trunkline pipelines. Nearly 2 years later, the nation's second LNG plant, Dominion's Cove Point facility in eastern Maryland came online in late December 2017 with an export capacity of 0.8 BCF/day. Cheniere Energy also began delivering feedgas to its first Train at its Corpus Christi LNG plant in September 2018. Finally, Sempra's LNG Cameron, TX plant began receiving feedgas in April 2019, boosting US LNG capacity to over 6 BCF/day. Liquefied natural gas represents a new temperature-independent source of natural gas demand that will become increasingly influential in natural gas supply/demand balance. The graphs below plot daily & weekly natural gas deliveries to Sabine Pass that are subsequently cooled, liquefied, and transported throughout the world.

Daily LNG Feedgas Deliveries: A Year-Over-Year Comparison

Weekly LNG Feedgas Deliveries To Sabine Pass, Cove Point, & Corpus Christi: 6-Month History

Daily LNG Feedgas Deliveries Breakdown By Facility

Sabine Pass

Cove Point

Corpus Christi


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