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Natural Gas Feedgas Deliveries To Sabine Pass Liquefaction Facility

Cheniere Energy's Sabine Pass Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) liquefaction facility is located on the Gulf Coast on the Texas/Louisiana border and became the US' first LNG export facility in March 2016. The plant receives feedgas deliveries via Cheniere's wholly owned Creole Trail Pipeline, an 85-mile pipeline that itself receives gas from the Transco, Natural Gas Pipeline of America (NGPL), Texas Eastern (TETCO), and Trunkline pipelines. Liquefied natural gas represents a new temperature-independent source of natural gas demand that will become increasingly influential in natural gas supply/demand balance. The graphs below plot daily & weekly natural gas deliveries to Sabine Pass that are subsequently cooled, liquefied, and transported throughout the world.

Daily Natural Gas Feedgas Deliveries To Sabine Pass: 60-Day History

Weekly Natural Gas Feedgas Deliveries To Sabine Pass: 6-Month History

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Tankers En Route To Sabine Pass

LNG tankers transport natural gas that has been cooled and compressed to 1/600th its original volume from Sabine Pass to markets throughout the world. Most tankers have a carrying capacity of the equivalent of 2-5 BCF of gaseous natural gas. To date, Brazil is the most popular destination of tankers departing from Sabine Pass. On average, 1-2 tankers per week will dock at Sabine Pass with this number expected to increase rapidly over the next 1-2 years. The maps and tables below plots the positions of the active fleet of over 300 LNG tankers that have logged a position within the past 3 days. These positions are collected via a shore-based Automatic Identification System (AIS) via Vesselfinder.com and Marine Traffic.com. Click on the orange dots that represent incoming LNG tankers for ship name and position data. Note: AIS position data is lost when ships move more than ~100 miles offshore. Tanker positions update once per hour.

LNG Tankers Currently Docked At Sabine Pass

Map Of LNG Tankers In The Western Atlantic

25 LNG Tankers Closest To Sabine Pass

This table lists the 25 LNG tankers of more than 300 tracked that are closest to the Sabine Pass LNG plant with an updated position in the last 3 days. The list is updated continuously as AIS data is received.

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