Natural Gas Storage Week 1 History

Natural Gas Storage Week 1

Storage Projection Ranking
Based on the 5-year historical range, maximum, and minimum, the projected storage injection or withdrawal is assigned a score from -10 to +10, to assess the bearishness or bullishness of the report, respectively. A score of +/-10 corresponds to a projection that would be either the most bearish or bullish report over the past five-years while a score of 0 is equal to the five-year average. Scores increasing from 0 to -10 are more and more bearish while scores from 0 to +10 are increasingly bullish.

Storage Projection History
Storage projections for a given week are issued 28 days in advance of the date that the EIA releases its official tally, and updated every 12 hours. Early projections tend to have a greater error, with estimates becoming increasingly accurate as temperature forecasts are refined and scheduled pipeline storage data becomes available. The graphs below track the trend in storage projections from the initial through the final estimate, issued three hours before the EIA's Thursday morning Report.

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