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8-14 Day Temperature Outlook

The 8-14 day temperature outlook is issued by the National Weather Service Monday-Friday and updates around 3 pm EDT. It estimates the probability of a given region seeing above or below average temperatures during this period. It does not forecast the magnitude of these departures.

Week 3-6 Temperature Outlook

The climate prediction center (CPC) releases extended range outlooks for Week 3-6 daily through its NCEP version 2 coupled forecast system model (CFSv2). These maps plot projected weekly temperature anomalies in degrees Celsius (C). These maps update twice daily at 7 AM and 7 PM EDT. Quantitative data is displayed beneath the maps.

Data Source: Tropical Tidbits By Levi Cowan

Quantitative Week 3-6 Gas-Weighted Degree Day Outlook

Week 3-6 Model Trends
The charts below plot the projected weekly GWDDs for weeks 3-6 over the past 15 days to illustrate how these forecasts have evolved, highlighting increasing or decreasing temperature-dependent contributions to natural gas demand.

2-6 Month Forecast

Like the 3- and 4-week outlooks, the extended range 2-6 month outlook is released by the CPC based on CFSv2 model output. These maps plot projected monthly temperature anomalies in degrees Kelvin (equal to degrees Celsius). Each month from Month 2 through Month 6 is presented individually below. These maps update daily and are based on model data collected over the previous 10 days.

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