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Mid-Week Investing Commentary

Natural Gas Falls Again As Mid-September Outlook Continues To Look Cool; EIA Forecast To Announce Nearly Flat Inventories In Today's Petroleum Status Report, Though Eyes Will Be On Exports; Oil & Natural Gas Portfolio Extends Pullback

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Natural gas fell for a third consecutive session on Tuesday, shedding another 3 cents or 0.8% to close at $2.85/MMBTU. The peak January 2019 contract also fell to just $3.06/MMBTU while the nadir May 2019 contract settled at $2.60/MMBTU after briefly dropping into the $2.50s/MMBTU. The front-month September 2018 contract will expire at the close of trading today. The pullback in natural gas prices continues to be driven by an expected mid-September cooldown with temperatures across the major demand centers of the East falling to below-average, reducing powerburn cooling demand that for much of the summer has been responsible for offsetting record production and maintaining a 4-year high storage deficit. Crude oil, on the other hand, fell for only the second time in the last nine sessions, sliding 34 cents or 0.5% to settle at $68.53/barrel ahead of today's EIA Petroleum Status Report. My Oil & Natural Gas Portfolio dropped again as well, falling -0.25% to reduce 2018 gains to +17.0% or...

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