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Natural Gas Rises Slightly After EIA Reports Record-Setting -150 BCF Storage Withdrawal; Natural Gas Now Overvalued As Supply/Demand Balance Continues To Loosen; Natural Gas Inventories Likely To Bottom For The Season Today As Prolonged Period Of Warmth Arrives

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Friday, March 24, 2017
In its weekly Natural Gas Storage Report, the EIA announced on Thursday that natural gas inventories declined by -150 BCF for the week of March 11-17. The withdrawal was 10 BCF larger than my -160 BCF projection. Nonetheless, the withdrawal was 129 BCF bullish versus the 5-year average and the largest for the March 11-17 timeframe in the full 22 year history of EIA data. The week's draw was driven by a -59 BCF withdrawal in the East region, 47 BCF bullish versus the 5-year average. On its own, this would have been the second largest nationwide withdrawal for the period in the last 5-years. While the East may have had the largest draw, the most bullish withdrawal was in the South Central Region whose -45 BCF draw was 49 BCF bullish versus the 5-year average of a +4 BCF weekly build. The Mountain Region likewise saw a very strong -51 BCF draw (5-year average -14 BCF) while the Mountain and Pacific Regions saw small neutral to bearish storage injections of +0 BCF and +5 BCF, respectively...

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Last 3 Daily Commentaries:

Thursday, March 23, 2017
EIA Projected To Announce Record -160 BCF Weekly Natural Gas Storage Withdrawal In Today's Report; Gas Demand Remains Well Above-Average With Storage Surplus To Reach Near-Term Minimum Today Before Demand Falls Over the Weekend; Oil Inventories Rise To New Record High

Monday, March 20, 2017
Natural Gas Logs Weekly Loss as Arctic Air Retreats Ahead Of Projected Preliminary Record -160 BCF Weekly Withdrawal; Volatile Gas Demand This Week To Result In Net Mildly Bullish Withdrawal; Natural Gas Fairly Valued With Period Of Rangebound Trading Likely

Friday, March 17, 2017
Natural Gas Pulls Back To A 10-Day Low After EIA Reports Modestly Bearish -53 BCF And Supply/Demand Balance Loosens; Natural Gas Falls To Finish The Week, But Exceptionally Strong Weekly Withdrawal Still Anticipated; LNG Feedgas Deliveries Wrap Up Strongest Week Yet

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