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Realtime Intraday Powerburn Demand

What Is Powerburn?
Powerburn is natural gas burned for the purpose of electricity generation. During the summer months, it is the leading single component of daily natural gas demand. While it rises with increasing cooling demand, powerburn is also influenced by the price of natural gas and it is a metric for the competitiveness of natural gas versus other fuels. This makes powerburn less temperature-dependent than other elements of natural gas demand and it serves as a useful proxy for the looseness/tightness of the gas market.

Powerburn numbers on this page are based on Realtime electrical grid data from the 7 Independent System Operators (ISO) and the EIA. It is updated on a minute-to-minute basis and is re-calibrated each week after the release of the EIA's official storage and supply/demand numbers. Average daily error is <0.5 BCF/day.

Daily Powerburn

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