Natural Gas Money Manager Holdings

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Positions & Convictions Of Natural Gas Traders

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) releases data and analysis on natural gas option positions each Friday afternoon at around 3:30 pm EDT for the preceding Tuesday. This includes total open interest and breakdown of long and short contracts amongst money managers, all of which is shown below. One natural gas contract represents 10,000 MMBTU's, or about $25,000. Source: Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Open Interest
Open interest represents the total number of long and contracts held by money managers. A spike in open interest often precedes an increase in volatility as more money flows into the market. A declining open interest suggests that major traders are liquidating their positions, possibly heralding an end to whatever the current trend is.

Long Vs Short Positions Of Money Managers

The data below shows a breakdown of open long contracts versus open short contracts among money managers.

% Of Contracts Held Long Among Money Managers

The chart below is a derivative of the chart to the left and shows the percentage of all outstanding contracts among money managers that are held on the long side.

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