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The CelsiusEnergy.Net website and its associated models and projections have grown exponentially since I first launched in the spring of 2016. I hope to continue improving and expanding the content that it offers.

Celsius Energy has always been free, and that is because I love analyzing oil and natural gas trading, and helping to keep my readers up to date on the fundamental basis of trading, rather than simply relying on gut instinct or pure technical analysis. It is my goal to keep the core features of the site freely available.

As the site grows, however, site costs and the time commitment to keep the site maintained grow rapidly. It is for this reason that I am offering additional premium features available for a small monthly fee to help support the site. If you have benefited from the data and commentary offered on Celsius energy over the past years, I encourage you to consider supporting the site. Subscribers are offered through Patreon.

The site's Patreon Homepage can be found HERE.

Four tiers of support are available to subscribers:

1. Daily Oil & Natural Gas Commentaries, Advanced Modeling Data, & Portfolio Access ($25/Month)
a. Daily Commentaries: Each commentary is a 1500-2000 word treatise of near- and long-term natural gas fundamentals including storage productions and supply/demand balance analysis, natural gas and oil price forecasts, and my Oil & Natural Gas Portfolio trading plan. Published Monday-Friday: Click HERE for a sample Daily Commentary.

b. Advanced Model Page Access: This page integrates data from the GFS ENS, ECMWF ENS, CFSv2, and ECMWF-EPS models to forecast Gas Weighted Degree Days (GWDDs) for the next 44 days--as well as each's impact on natural gas injections & withdrawals. The page updates throughout the day as model data becomes available. Click HERE for a static look at the data provided.

c. Oil & Natural Gas Portfolio Live Access: Realtime holdings and trade updates for my Energy Portfolio. This portfolio has recorded yearly gains in four out of five years since 2017, including a +71% gain in 2021. Trades include equity and options positions. I average 5-10 trades per week, which are sent to subscribers as Realtime Twitter notifications and via email as a trade discussion & Analysis.

Click HERE to sign up for this tier of support.

2. Daily Natural Gas Supply & Demand Data ($35/Month)
a. Comprehensive daily natural gas production, imports from Canada, exports to Mexico, LNG exports, and Powerburn demand, and supply/demand imbalance data, based on early- and late-cycle pipeline data, published each morning by 2 AM EDT 7 days per week.

b. Downloadable data in Excel spreadsheet format. Click HERE for a sample download.

c. Daily Supply/Demand Commentary, published Monday-Friday, discussing changes in supply and demand and their impact on the underlying fundamentals and price.

e. Click HERE for a sample screenshot of the current (static) supply/demand data page, HERE for a production page sample, HERE for a Canadian Imports sample, HERE for a Mexican exports sample, & HERE for an LNG exports sample.

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3. Full Access Data Package ($50/Month):
a. Single-password access to ALL of Celsius Energy's subscriber content including: Daily Commentaries, Advanced Model Page, Oil & Natural Gas Portfolio, and Daily Supply/Demand Data pages

b. Represents a $60 value, or a $10/month (17%) discount versus the two separate subscriptions

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3. Custom Homepage ($50/Month):
a. Individualize a personalized, custom homepage with up to 24 different data elements (tables, charts, graphs, etc) from any page on the Celsius Energy website--all in one place!

b. See a sample custom page HERE

c. Plus access to EITHER Celsius Energy's Daily Commentary/Advanced Modeling/Portfolio Pages OR Daily Natural Gas Supply/Demand Data Pages. (Pick either $25 subscription)

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